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NFT Based DeFi Funding

Billions of US dollars worth of stablecoins sit unused in crypto holder's wallets worldwide.

DataBased Finance offers risk-averse and risk-taker tokens to Dai providers who are prepared to support Amazon Sellers.

Community Funding

We buy Amazon Seller's Inventory.

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is minted, locking the pricing metadata in a standardized form using the parity substrate Centrifuge Chain.

The NFT is then listed on the Ethereum Block-Chain as an immutable record of that Brand's inventory.

Each Brand's current NFT is then grouped on the asset-backed protocol TinLake to form the investment pool.

Asynchronous to the creation of the Pool, Individuals who want to capitalize Amazon Sellers and go through Anti Money Laundering and Know Your customer onboarding through

Once cleared, capital providers can participate by pledging their Dai Stablecoin to the Pool's smart contract.

As the Pool grows, the pledged Dai is exhanged for our junior and senior debt tokens by the smart contract on TinLake

Pledging and Payments

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