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Team Working in the System Room


Distributed Financing


The ability to scale financing.

Our USDC payments rail allows funders to instantly transfer and fund Inventory purchases.

Syndicate partners pass KYC and link their Ethereum Wallet and Identity NFT.

They can then purchase NFT's from a dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle that signs the physical contract for all parties that want to participate.

Smart Contract based distributions.

An Ethereum based smart contract recoginizes each Yield NFT issued and its relative value. It then automatically value weights all Yield distributions as they are transferred from financed parties.


All NFTs can be redeemed after 170 days.

As short term securities each NFT can be entered into a redemption pool after 170 days.

No new funding can be deployed into inventory before redemptions are made.

If there is no new liquidity then sellers are under contract to paydown within 100 Days on request.

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