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Introducing Stan

A Stablecoin Investor

Stan is an active member of the Decentralized Finance community.

As a sophisticated investor, he understands financial risk.

Stan's Search For Returns.

Stan is looking for stable returns from his stablecoin holdings. Currently they sit in his electronic wallet under utilized.

Stan registers his details with the community

He goes through a Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering appraisal to join the community.

Now he is registered, Stan can pledge his Dai stable coin to the pool.


Stan's Dai is locked into a smart contract. If the pool needs extra capital his Dai is automatically exchanged for Drop (Risk-Averse) or Tin (Risk-Taker) tokens.

Stan's tokens gain value as Amazon Sellers pay their Sales Fees.

If inventory levels drop from sales then some of the Drop or Tin tokens are paid down along with their accrued returns.

​Stan can't sell his tokens to others, they are non-fungible, but he can exit the pool if other Dai holders want to replace his capital.

By putting his Dai to work Stan gets a fair return for his level of risk.

With the smart contract automatically allocating his portion of the Sales Fees, Stan's rewards grow along with the Amazon brands he is supporting.

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