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Amazon Viewer Access

To verify your historic sales records and current inventory levels you simply need to grant view only access to your Amazon Account.

Add us to Your Amazon Account
Invite us to view

Please invite to your Amazon Seller account for each region you wish to finance

Grant Payments View Access

Next, please grant access so we can view your Payments records to analyse your sales history

Grant Fulfillment View Access

Finally, please also authorize Veiwer access for Fullfillment. This allows us to take your current inventory and calculate its on-Amazon Value.

Thanks! And a few key points for your data's protection:

  • As per Amazon's requirements, we don't share or release any of your data to anyone without your authorisation.

  • We will delete any data we collect from you at your request.

  • You can remove our access to your Amazon Accounts at any time.

  • Inviting as a viewer to your Amazon Seller accounts signifies acceptance of these terms and our general terms and conditions.

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