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Get Finance

Based On Your Historic Sales And Current Inventory.

Let The Community Fund Your Growth

Let the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community pre-purchase your inventory. Get the capital you need to replenish stock before you run out and lose position in your Amazon rankings.

Data Science Driven Decisions

Granting access to your Brand’s history and current inventory allows third party verification. This gives the community the confidence they need to back your brand.

NFT's That Record Your Inventory

NFT's represent your inventory on line and are locked our pool's smart contract for reference. Transparent fair pricing for everyone across the pool of brands supported.

A Community of Investors To Support Your Growth

US Dollar pegged DAI stable coin holders currently hold billions of dollars in their electronic wallets. These are now available to fund your Brand's growth.

We Integrate With Your Amazon Seller Account

Grant viewer access to Databased Finance's Oracle Service and it calculates the sellable value of your current inventory based on your Brand's sales history.

This value is locked into the NFT. It resets every 30 days, allowing you to exit completely, or to increase your financing as your business grows.

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