A world where DataBased Decentralized Finance powers the global economy.

Funding for inventory is currently archaic and anachronistic.

Banked relationships take months or years to build.
They are expensive to administer and fail to react to dynamic marketplace forces.


We can verify the data

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Third Party Fullfillment and historical on-line sales data provide the information needed to value a company's inventory. With third-party verification of that data, firms can utilize these assets to fund their business from capital providers who assess value based on previous performance.

Lowering the risk for all parties.


We bridge the divide between Fintech and Inventory Management Systems.

The software built by us tracks thousands of product lines for hundreds of manufacturers' in 32 countries.

We have built multiple inventory verification, track and trace, and stock re-ordering software stacks and products.

With a background in Financial Technology, including global trading platforms, market interfaces and financial information exhange expertize, Databased Finance brings these worlds together.



Database Finance Limited

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Founded April 8th, 2013


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