Finance your Fulfilled-by-Amazon Inventory

Community Funding for Amazon Seller Brands.

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Fair and Transparent Pricing for all.

Blockchain Verifiable.


*Equivalent APR When Averaged Across all brands

For Amazon Sellers

Let the community fund your inventory

Let the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community pre-purchase your inventory. Get the capital you need to replenish stock before you run out and lose position in your Amazon rankings.

What we offer

Data Driven Decisions

Granting access to your Brand’s history and current inventory allows third party verification. This gives confidence to the community.

Immutable Records

Data is locked online for everyone’s reference. Check the fair pricing across the pool of brands supported.

Lower Costs

Removing the middle men from finance has lowered your costs and increased the returns to capital providers - everyone wins.

For DeFi Investors

Choose the appropriate risk level and then put your stable coin's to work.

Purchase Tin (Risk Taker) or Drop (Risk Averse) Tokens with your DAI stable coin that gain value based on returns from the Amazon Sellers you support.


Bridging trust with data

Between us our team has built multiple inventory verification, track and trace, and stock re-ordering software stacks and products. We've integrated and tested against the likes of SAP and Oracle as well as numerous smaller platform providers. For Fintech we've been responsible for millions of dollars of traditional finance transactions and been the architects and business owners of global trading platforms.


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